Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Its been a while since the last post (sorry!) - I have been busy, working away, enjoying the sun and the best part - coming up with NEW designs! I have a few local photographers in the process of getting me some pictures of these new items. You will love them! Unique little hats and the cutest little diaper covers possible. 

I have a little 'niece'  (you know the one who I like to think is family, but technically isn't - she appeared in some of my first photos). Anyways, she is now almost 5 months old! I am coming up with a whole bunch of new ideas and she is the perfect little model (in mine, and mommy's eyes). If you are a photographer, looking to get some more experience, please let us know! We are looking for a photographer who is interested in spending a couple ours with my props and my model. You will get some pictures for your portfolio, and we would get some shots for my portfolio. Please let me know if you are interested!

Anyways, here are the latest images we have received from some amazing ladies! 

The First --- our new photographer friend, A. Joosse Photography. These pictures show off one of my latest creations. The diaper cover and adorable teddy bear hat to match. The flower is on a detachable clip - so its suitable for boy models too! Enjoy!


Alysha Joosse -

The second, Wendy O'Rourke -- another new photographer friend. She used our green coccoon and one of our favourite ear flap hats! These are too cute! Take a peek! (and check out those lips - SO CUTE!)

Wendy O'Rourke Photography -

I truly appreciate all of the photographers who support my business and take the time to send me images.  Thank you to all!